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April 2012

Digital media – social media

I have been involved in digital media since 1998 and have since continued my career, through some big brands and new starters a like.

This blog is going to be an insight into the industry. I will be asking people in the industry that I know to write about their experiences and to dig the dirt, give direction and express honest opinion.

This first post is simply me preaching my mantra on what the ideal social media strategy should be.

I strongly believe that the strategy of any company wishing to get the best out of social media; FB, SU, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, Tumbler, etc is to have at its heart a good product or service being cared for and driven by happy employees.

To explain my thoughts a little more:

If a company has a good product of service other people will want to use/ engage/ buy/ talk about/ spread opinion.

If a company values its employees and makes every one of them feel empowered then that good feeling and belief can be easily transferred to the social space – its at this point I find myself asking why social? why bother? why not rely on other media. It’s not like search doesn’t work and TV doesn’t raise profile and revenue, or that sponsorships in key publications of content providers online doesn’t improve sentiment and sales. These are all good areas to spend money, but if you can use social in the right ways the value of these more traditional marketing avenues will be multiplied and social could also provide some creative spark and assets to use within these.

If your employees are not happy then you need to contrive your social marketing to make sure your official marketing message is the only one heard. I get the feeling that this is what most companies do. I have forgotten how many times I have heard that ‘my company uses social to affect negative sentiment and to battle against the tide of ill feeling’. If you are building a business make sure it includes every one of your employees and that you then free them to talk about your company online…… if you don’t then be assured they’ll be talking about you and your company in the pub the Friday night and it wont all be good.

If your employees are happy then that core of good feeling and of belief will transfer to longevity of employment, awareness and knowledge and make it easy to blog, to comment, to refer, to hire, to promote. Social media will become your best friend.

Planting seeds – getting ready for the year as a city gardener

Its about this time every year, depending on the weather, that I start to get excited about seeds. I buy new seeds and go through last years seeds (not Parsnips as they only last one season) and look at what I have. I always tent to buy too many and then subsequently plant more than I need.

I have planted so far:

Toms – several varieties (bush, cordon, basket. Sweet Million, Alicante, garden delight) cucumber and Peppers (Padron, Aji, Pimento) Cabbage (Primo, one other) Brussel Sprouts, Fave Beans, French beans (trail of tears), Runner beans, Kale, loads of herbs.

The aim is to grow all my wife I need to est over the year.

Last year I messed up with the autumn harvest – no squash, Kale, or cabbage. I had trusted beans to see me though and am cooking some up today to puree all with Pork.

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