Its about this time every year, depending on the weather, that I start to get excited about seeds. I buy new seeds and go through last years seeds (not Parsnips as they only last one season) and look at what I have. I always tent to buy too many and then subsequently plant more than I need.

I have planted so far:

Toms – several varieties (bush, cordon, basket. Sweet Million, Alicante, garden delight) cucumber and Peppers (Padron, Aji, Pimento) Cabbage (Primo, one other) Brussel Sprouts, Fave Beans, French beans (trail of tears), Runner beans, Kale, loads of herbs.

The aim is to grow all my wife I need to est over the year.

Last year I messed up with the autumn harvest – no squash, Kale, or cabbage. I had trusted beans to see me though and am cooking some up today to puree all with Pork.