This week has been interesting. I am trying to start a social recruitment business, now in its sixth month, during the Olympics, having my mother move in which is great but distracting, and in a double dip recession to boot. 

I have had some great support from clients and guidance from friends and acquaintances, but now the the going is heavy, almost claggy. A client of mine has moved to a bigger player in the market, as the US management team said so… and after I had worked there and understood their culture too. Another has moved to lockdown on hiring and the last one is being overly cautious on hiring. I am having to jump through a lot of hoops to get people hired, I feel this is an issue of trust and having only worked with them for two months and not yet placed anyone that is understandable. 

So I find myself looking for new clients whilst still trying to hunt for candidates for a couple of roles. 

The area I am working in is ever changing and new technology, hoping to take some money out of the market, is forever bubbling up. There’s a bit of a gold rush and everyone seams to think they can do what the others do.

Lets break this down:

Social media needs tools to help clients understand, develop and improve its business.

In other words – listening – Paid – insight

There are an increasing number of options and over the next few weeks i’ll interview people in the industry and get their thoughts.