This is a very important consideration for all. You need to reply on sites like –

Martin House Consulting

Your photos, images and diagrams can soon be someone else’s .

At least that is what this article in the register says –

It looks like all artists, consultants, photographers and just about anyone who makes, commissions or produces some form of image may need to start registering them OR(AND?) making it so easy to identify their owner that a reasonable search (Official term – “diligent search”) would show that you own it. Otherwise your work is considered an “orphan” with less rights than Oliver Twist.

All courtesy of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act.

Here’s how I see my options and I will be encouraging all my friends and customers to examine each of these.

Don’t follow this verbatim – they are simply suggestions that you might like to investigate.

Consider signing the petition


Ok so a watermark degrades the image and can be removed by…

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