I have just been asked how I would describe an open sourced baking process so here goes.

I define open source as being of openness for others to suggest adaptions and changes. But, it really does depend on what part of the bread making process you are looking at as it changes with area. I’ll try to explain a little. If we start with seed, in the UK seeds have to be on the national list which is restricted to seeds that are distinct, uniform and stable, in order for them to be sold, swapped or given away. I think we should be able to give away wheat populations that are the antithesis of the list to open up (open source) heritage wheat and explore terrior. Land is the next part to the cycle and commons is the route here to open sourced. How do we open up land for more people to grow their own food or produce on? Land workers Alliance and Joyti Fernandez is doing some great work here. Harvesting and processing the wheat ready for milling, the third stage, is about co-ops and open sourced designs. Having access to collectively owned machinery is becoming common in co-ops and adapting and designing machines and letting everyone see your designs online is open sourcing as seen in the development of Linux, which everyone acknowledges is the best and one of the first open sourced projects. The forth stage of bread making is milling the wheat, this is about machinery (as in the last stage) and reforming broken or disused mills, co-ops and commons and open sourced designs and labour, but also about having enough smaller sized mills to make the whole non industrial process possible. Without mills or places where 30 or 40 acres of wheat can be milled there is no anti industrial bread making. Baking occurs at end and bread making bring this all together in many ways. In open sourced open to everyone ovens, like the long removed community ovens.  They could return and bring people together and learn about wheat, bread, gluten etc. Recipes and starters can be opened and sourced, seeds can be swapped and communities returned (I might not write this bit into my thesis as this is bigger than I’d dare). 

All this activity – I hope my late night ramblings make sense and delight in some way – I see wrapped in a commons internet that looks something like pintrest but behaves like air BNB. Where members are bustling with reviews and projects and connections, where all the designs for machinery are open and can be built by people or 3-D printed, where seeds can be grown in populations and owned by individuals, but only for their kudos not for their direct profit and sown by who ever felt like it. Where financial support is given and taken by those who want to and who care, to build a model where profit for profits sake is not the driver. Where skills in other areas from members can be swapped for reciprocal skills and groups form under engagement driven by their personalities.


Feel free to comment. I’ll post the reply I get from the person who asked the question when I get it