The questions I am trying to get an answer to are: what does the baking industry currently look like and is there a model to follow that could see it challenge the dominant industrialised position? 

Currently in the UK over 85% of our bread is made in 20 minutes in the Chorley Wood process and consumed on mass by the british public. This process, from seed, growing, milling to making is detrimental to the health of the soil and to people – celiac disease has increased massively in the last ten years – and is a central cause to deforestation and climate change. As an industry and as consumers we have choices to make, do we drive to the super market and load our trolley with bread of little nutritional value made by machines, or nip to the local baker and buy something more nutritional, made by hand. What I really want to know is: What stage is the baking industry at? Are sales growing for artisan bakers? Are there more artisan bakers then there were five or ten years ago? Are industrial bakers struggling? 

If you could help by entering into debate with me that would be amazing….