I’m preparing my field for winter and spring wheat planting – Its taking a lot longer than I had planned – I’d only planned one day which was a complete under estimation. In this battered, mind and body, state I am lucky to be reminded of the importance of my task; to grow, process and make bread and/ or pasta from heritage wheat.

Wheat is the most traded (billions of dollars made by traders in global merry-go-round) product on the globe and for its physiochemical properties its added to many food stuffs. Its identity is ripped from it during this trade and manipulation. It no longer has a connection to anything – white flour is inert – let alone a connection to the earth, culture or the body. The journey that wheat undertakes from soil to inert product additive or even from soil to gorgeous sourdough loaf is mystical to most of us.

We should all be striving to understand the life of wheat after all its one of the worlds most important foods. As a seed it had, before plant breeders, beginning with Norman Borlaug, tore its heart out, Vitamin E, B11, B12, proteins and amino acids (See for more detail http://www.acs.chtf.stuba.sk/papers/acs_0041.pdf). My project is set to understand how high quality (heritage) wheat can be grown and processed in locally (South Devon) and how this product, flour, then bread or/ and pasta can demonstrate commercial viability knowing that, in this current dominate paradigm, it is traded at a global level.

Come and join me in a voyage to discover how wheat is connected to the soil and our bodies – come and help out in growing and making. Email me if you fancy trying your hand.