Annual wheat is grown on more acres than any other grain crop, at 548 million acres worldwide, followed by corn at 445 million acres and rice at 399 million acres. It accounts for 20% of human food calories and more protein calories than any other grain.

So why would you not.. be interested in how its grown, processed and made into products?

Our project is working to bring the process back to peoples consciousness. We are growing (the third year) heritage wheat, grown prior to 1870 – because its better for us, It has 2-genomes instead of the 6-genomes of modern bloated wheats. We are NOT using synthetics. Our wheat doesn’t need them. They mine nutrients much more effectively – they are not bloated and being drip fed. They outgrow other plants in the field (weeds?) so the other plants don’t need to be poisoned (Conventional farming). We also grow the heritage wheat as populations, a mixture of many types of wheat, that builds resistance and resilience and negates the need for pesticides (conventional farming). This project is just as much about increasing bio-diversity as it is growing wheat. The next few years will determine how far we can go towards food security without the need for interventions (shooting, spraying, killing, dominating).

Our aim is to build soil quality and develop wheat terrior.