Our mill has arrived from E5 bakery c/o Ben Mackinnon. She looks so gorgeous and her story; the grain to mill to bread, makes perfect sense. IMG_5396

The next goal is to start her up and start milling grain. We will grow and partner with growers and travel Europe to find grain that makes the best bread we can with The Almond Thief. My desire is to develop local grain so that the system of soil-to-bread has as light an impact as possible on the land and people involved in it.

I see the system as; get grain from seed banks and other growers using natural techniques; grow the grain of have it grown for you using natural methods; process the grain using as little oil (diesel or petrol) as possible; mill the grain (with this mill and the TTT mill); use the fresh flour to make bread.

Hope you come with us on this journey.

Grain of truth